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Wenn Kunden zu Investoren werden

When customers become investors



In the past years, the Luxembourgish company GEA aktiv has gained a lot of confidence from its customers. This confidence will now serve as a solid ground for you to become an investor. With the „circle of friends“ project the trade company looks for customers who are willing to invest into GEA aktiv to a fair ROI. Customers who trust a company by spending their money at the store, can do this also as an investor – and get money in return instead of goods.


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Batz insoleseCustomized Insoles


The Batz insole supports the cross arch and longitudinal arch of the foot with changed statical characteristics, and keeps the optimal arches of the foot as required by an individual user, alleviating thereby the tiredness or pain of the foot mitigating complaints of the patient and improves all-day comfort.


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